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                                      ABOUT US

                                      ABOUT US

                                      Company profile: Shanghai Zhicai Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in LED indoor and outdoor electronic display, indoor full color, small spacing HD transparent LED glass bottle, full induction type tile screen and display production, special research, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises, providing complete solutions for customers. The factory covers an area of 20 acres, 280 employees; ten departments under the Ministry of production, R & D department, sales department, engineering department, customer serv...

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                                      CONTACT US

                                      Contact: Tony fang

                                      Phone: 13512118719

                                      Tel: 4008209320; 021-36411816

                                      Email: Tony@sh-gren.com

                                      Add: Shanghai,Baoshan,Changyi road 188th,202 Room

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